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Kaweb now offer a bespoke video conferencing platform

Earlier this month, we released our own video conferencing platform. This has been developed so as to enhance current web/app offerings as well as initiate new services for clients who wish to use it to overcome the constraints we’re now all living with.

“Zoom/Teams etc. has now become common place – so offering the same thing integrated into Apps/websites was the natural way to go ” said Paul, our MD. “We’re not trying to complete with the big providers, but offer a bespoke, branded and secure service to use in existing/new applications.”

video conference with devs
The team at Kaweb use their own platform for regular ‘standups’ with the dev team

The new service, hosted within our own infrastructure, can be offered on an ad-hoc basis with no lengthy tie-ins or contracts – thus allowing us to be flexible in our approach to both the provision of the service and our costs. One of our first clients has been a London-based fashion retailer – using it for one to one consultations with their customers as regards the selection of various garments.

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