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Tips for Working From Home: 10 Ideas to Help You Adjust

It’s an uncertain time for all of us at the moment. We are in the middle of a global pandemic, causing distress, fear and anxiety across the globe. The UK government is recommending social distancing wherever possible, and at Kaweb we want to help out those trying to adjust to a new normal as much as we can.

As a digital agency, we are in the fortunate position of being able to work from home, making sure we are social distancing while still delivering solutions for our clients.

Working from home can be a big adjustment, especially when you’re so used to the routine in the office. So, with the aim of helping someone out there adjust to their new working environment in this uncertain time, we’ve put together a list. Here are 10 tips for working from home effectively that the Kaweb team would suggest. We’ve also included some photos of their #WFH set-ups, which we hope will brighten up your day (be warned, LOTS of dogs)!

10 tips for working from home effectively:

A dedicated space

Try and find a space in your home that is comfortable to work in. A desk and chair are essentials obviously. But make sure it’s in an environment that promotes productivity, as oppose to a cubby under the stairs, or a table against the wall in the hallway.

A space with minimal distractions is key, you don’t want the dog running under your legs every 5 minutes, or the TV playing Loose Women on full blast while you try to work. If you are short on space, try and reimagine part of the living area as a mini office, for example a corner of the kitchen table or an end of the sofa.

Doug, our Business Manager Emma’s pooch, has the right idea! Though he doesn’t seem to be very hard at work! ?

Get dressed

Waking up at 8:50am, rolling out of bed straight to your laptop sounds like the dream, right? Well the truth is this this can often lead to unproductivity, and a feeling as though you aren’t ready to work.

Feeling like a fully functioning human being can go leaps and bounds when you are working from your living room. It may be psychological but getting ready for the day can help you stick to a routine and make sure you aren’t caught out by a surprise video call from your boss!

Make a plan

At the start of each week, try to plan for the week ahead, and decide the rough structure of a typical day, as well as what work you want to be concentrating on. Make sure you plan in breaks, and anything else you may have decided to do while social distancing to keep your mind and body happy and motivated during this time. Structuring your week can help make sure you don’t get lost and begin procrastinating or working on something longer than you should be.


Coronavirus is currently dominating all the media outlets (understandable), and that includes the radio! We would suggest creating a playlist on Spotify and having that on in the background while you work instead of the radio.

Constant coronavirus updates when you are trying to concentrate only distract and cause anxiety. So, whack your favourite tunes on and get in the zone!

We don’t think Andrew, one of our developers, is going to be short on music to listen to any time soon!


If you can, try and work in a room with plenty of natural sunlight. This will keep you productive, and prevent you going stir crazy, especially if you have a nice view to look on to!

Mr Tibbs (also known as Top Dog), making sure he gets that natural sunlight in for increased productivity ☀️


Try and still exercise at least once a day when working from home, and preferably outside of the house. Going for a brisk walk (away from others) as soon as you wake up before coming home to start work, for example, is a perfect way to wake you up and ensure you don’t get stuck in a rut by being in the same environment 24/7.

Take breaks

When working from home, it is still just as important to take frequent breaks from sitting in front of a screen as it is when you’re in the office. When you’re not in the office environment however, it can be hard to remember to take a break without the prompts from people around you. Try setting an alarm on your phone to step away from your screen every couple of hours or so, even if it’s to grab a cuppa or fuss your dog!

Take a leaf out of George’s book and make sure you schedule in those chill outs ?

Eat (healthily)

We must stay fuelled to be our most productive, so make sure you have a proper 3 meals a day, and don’t skip. Keeping yourself fuelled on the right food is important to help with concentration and productivity, so try to resist the temptation of that pizza in your fridge and go for something with a bit of goodness instead!


On the same sort of note as the previous tip, make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day to stay hydrated and your brain sharp. Keep a large bottle/mug near wherever you are choosing to work and sip continuously throughout the day, it’s easy to forget and you won’t realise until it’s too late and you feel the start of a headache creeping up on you!

One of our web developers, Tom, and his high-tech set up! We’re loving that giant mug for optimum tea-holding capacity.

Keep in touch

Making sure you keep in contact with the rest of your team is essential when working from home. Whether that’s by using a work-based messaging system like Slack (our personal fave), a conference call or even facetiming when you need someone, communication is key! Teamwork really does make the dream work.

We hope these tips have been helpful to help you adjust to a new way of working. Of course, what works for some may not work for others, so it will take a little while for you to find out how you work most productively at home. Comment below any more tips you find useful when working remotely!

Written by Hollie Ingram in News & Culture